Thin Within Christian Weight Loss Program

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The Thin Within program offers a number of advantages. This is one of those programs that has no specific dieting and no food restrictions. The sanity of recognizing you need to change your situation with food for life is a strength of this program. It works on two primary levels. Thin Within approaches weight loss from changing physical and spiritual principles. In a sense you work from either end of the line to meet in the middle as a way to achieve results. “Don’t settle for another weight loss program that only deals with the numbers on a scale. Make an eternal change in both your body and spirit!” is a good quote from the website.

The program also revolves around cycles of 12 weeks. While longer than some programs that focus on 30 or 45 day increments, this is roughly just 3 months. And similar to a shorter program, it’s easier for any busy person to work on a series of goals for smaller times than say a single goal for 12 months. The 12 week cycles build on each other with the entire program running 48 weeks.

Thin Within uses a medically established scale measurement. Hospitals use pain scales as a routine way to treat patients. Thin Within teaches you to measure hunger and fullness levels on a similar scale. This develops your ability to eat when definitely, completely hungry. In turn you also learn to stop eating before completely full. With lots of information available on the program, you have every opportunity to succeed. Thanks to the scale system, this program is also beneficial to individuals without a specific religious orientation.

You could say that when food is used in the “wrong” way, your relationship to food is basically at the same level as an idol or false god-we’re not meant to have a relationship with food. It’s meant to nourish our bodies. When we use it to nourish our emotional or spiritual well-being it’s misplaced. Just like people who mis-use money or even drugs.

Thin Within focuses on a right relationship with God. You build on this skill to then have a right relationship with food. You can get your nutritional needs met in appropriate ways through the appropriate resources.

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