First Place 4 Health Christian Weight Loss Program

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The First Place 4 Health Weight Loss Program is long-standing and well-respected. It has literally been used by thousands of people everywhere. It started with a Baptist congregation seeing how much God had blessed them and wondering how to create blessing for their physical temples. The program has many resources to help you succeed.

Changing the lifestyle habits that control your weight and health is a real commitment. First Place helps you make that commitment. You must attend one group meeting a month for support and speak on the phone once a week to a class member. By completing spiritual support on regular basis the program teaches you to tap this power for health. You pray & read the Bible daily as well as memorizing a verse each week.

When it comes to the food part you include standard practices such as keeping a food journal, exercising three times a week, and following the food plan. The food plan is part of how this program combines spirit and food in a unique way: it’s the American Diabetic diet plan. If you purchase a complete program resource package you even get a great recipe book to make following the plan easier.

The printed materials for the First Place Program are readily available-and that’s good news for you. You can get started for as little as $59.99 at In order to stay in sync with your group meetings, it’s best to check that you get the same version as there are different editions. On the other hand, one of the challenges with this problem is the task list: there is a lot to do to stay completely on track. Some people may find this less helpful; others definitely learn to focus on things besides food and develop other parts of self. Regardless, First Place is a powerful program that doesn’t dwell on mistakes but on activities that help you succeed.

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